I don’t believe in destiny, it is an excuse for lame losers. I believe in efforts, it is the only way to succeed


Hello! I am a small town girl being brought up as lil’ daddy’s princess. As time passes, I believe it is time for me to make my own way to be a Queen.

At the age of 18, I made my way to the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne. Along the way, I’ve made many friends and people who I certainly really care about but I’ve learnt to not lose myself as I love people around you. When I was younger, I used to write and blogged about my life. Unfortunately, when I grow older, I was afraid of being judged by the people around me with what they so called, ‘attention-seeking’. However, in this new phase of life, I would like to start writing and enjoying something that I’ve always secretly loved.

This would not be a blog where you’d find life gossips (maybe some of my thoughts about celebrities but not people around me). This blog would be dedicated to people who is really interested in how I handle life, what I enjoy about life; travelling, fashion, make-ups and food!

A lil message to every teenagers who loves to blog but is afraid of being judged,

They will always judge you no matter what you do and the only way to not be judged is to Do Nothing, Say Nothing, and Be Nothing.” 

There will be different categories in this blog. Feel free to browse through!

Oh! Did I not mention? Feel free to drop comments or email me on the ideas, thoughts or anything that you would love to hear about from my point of view. I will try my very best to keep this blog alive and up to date! Please understand if I prefer to lay low at times. It must be life that is catching up with me.

Until then, keep your heads high, loves ♥♥

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    Claire McClaraface, wazzup? Miss uuuuuuuu

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    What is love? How can you truly know you love someone?If you were willing to go to hell and back for them, is that love? And how do you know when to stop beating a dead horse once she has ended things with you? Should you continue to persist to show that you truly want to be with her or do you merely accept facts as they are and move on with your life? I guess, this is more of a case to case basis which is dependent on both parties to see through their relationship through both good and bad times.
    P.S. Congratulations on your engagement.

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    Miles Alsdon

    You made some decent points there. I did a search on the issue and found most persons will go along with with your blog.


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